ACB 88 Results and Videos

Check out ACB 88: Barnatt vs. Celinski results that took place June 16, 2018 in Brisbane, Australia.


Full Results

Win Loss
Karol Celinski Majority Decision Luke Barnatt
Marcin Held Submission, Round 1 Callan Potter
Rodolfo Vieira Submission, Round 1 Jacob Holyman-Tague
Tanner Boser Unanimous Decision Chase Gormley
Adam Townsend Unanimous Decision Kieran Joblin
Frantz Slioa Unanimous Decision Adrian Diaz
Kyle Reyes Submission, Round 2 Trent Girdham
Michael Tobin Submission, Round 1 Michael Mannu
Mindaugas Verzbickas Submission, Round 1 Corey Nelson
E.J. Brooks Unanimous Decision Steven Kennedy
Narek Avagyan KO/TKO, Round 1 Andy Young
Shannon Ross Unanimous Decision Charlie Alaniz
Alan Philpott Unanimous Decision Gustavo Falciroli
Rodrigo Praia Split Decision Trevin Jones
Stewart Nicoll Submission, Round 1 Darren Habben


Fight Results and Videos


1) Stewart Nicoll (Australia) defeated Darren Habben (Australia) via Submission, Round 1.


2) Rodrigo Praia (Brazil) defeated Trevin Jones (Guam) via Split Decision.


3) Alan Philpott (Northern Ireland) defeated Gustavo Falciroli (Brazil) via Unanimous Decision.


4) Shannon Ross (Australia) defeated Charlie Alaniz (Australia) via Unanimous Decision.


5) Narek Avagyan (Armenia) defeated Andy Young (Northern Ireland) via KO/TKO, Round 1.


6) E.J. Brooks (United States) defeated Steven Kennedy (Australia) via Unanimous Decision.


7) Mindaugas Verzbickas (Lithuania) defeated Corey Nelson (Australia) via Submission, Round 1.


8) Michael Tobin (Australia) defeated Michael Mannu (Australia) via Submission, Round 1.


9) Kyle Reyes (Guam) defeated Trent Girdham (Australia) via Submission, Round 2.


10) Frantz Slioa (Sweden) defeated Adrian Diaz (United States) via Unanimous Decision.


11) Adam Townsend (United States) defeated Kieran Joblin (New Zealand) via Unanimous Decision.


12) Tanner Boser (Canada) defeated Chase Gormley (United States) via Unanimous Decision.


13) Rodolfo Vieira (Brazil) defeated Jacob Holyman-Tague (Australia) via Submission, Round 1.


14) Marcin Held (Poland) defeated Callan Potter (Australia) via Submission, Round 1.


15) In the evening’s main events, Karol Celinski (Poland) defeated Luke Barnatt (England) via Majority Decision


Weigh-in video


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